I’m just saying you gotta come correct and ready. I’m not trying to hear that “I’m thinking about it” or “maybe”. Time is approaching. 

I bit the side of my tongue yesteday and it is really pissing me off right now. 


Harbor Ridge residence, Birmingham, AL. Toulmin Homes.

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My home.

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THANK YOU!!!!!!! I hate that.

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This bitch in my class swears I don’t know shit when she’s always copying everyone’s answers asking questions the professor answered a hundred times. She underestimates my knowledge. #dontsleeponme

It makes me hate dealing with people. I wasn’t even ready for this and I’m the one with all the responsibilities.

All I’m saying is if you can’t go then don’t say you can.

Being in command is great meaning the responsibilities are great.

I fucking hate planning shit for everyone.


The flower path, Keukenhof Gardens / Netherlands (by cwhilbun).

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